My first sailboat!

Recently towed this girl home…
Fun fact: was told it’s a 16′ O’ Day Daysailer …but not so much
So far, have not been able to identify the maker!

      • 14 ft LOA
      • 5.5 ft Beam

The below pics were taken in an effort to identify the maker of the boat.
So far, no one knows!

Sailboat Set2

Sail Away Part2

Well,  it’s only been 5 days since my post about my inability to sail a boat, and the quest to find one..

It’s hard to believe that I have since then, taken a first lesson sailing!

On Fathers day yesterday, Levi & I went for 2 hours sailing with a fabulous instructor, on a lovely 21 ft sailboat.

Now, in addition to geedunk, scuppers, and pink-bellies, I can point to shrouds, clews, and forestays!

It was a blast, really. I’ll likely go again for a 2nd lesson.

Sail away

Dream daysailers: 13 of the best boats for a great day out on the water

As most of you know, I was in the United States Navy for 6 years.

And although I know what geedunk, scuppers, and pink-bellies are, I could not hop in a 12 ft sailboat and sail it.

I’ve never verbalised an official “bucket list”, but of late(past year ish), I’ve fancied myself sailing…really sailing.

To that end, I’m keeping my eyes out for a day sailer that might make that dream come true. Contrary to what I had assumed, the financial layout for a sailboat is very much within my realm of possibility. A decent day sailer of the 12-22ft variety can be had for between $500 and $3000 +\- depending.

I actually went and looked at my first boat the other day, and although she needed some work(which I was unwilling to take on), I was able to help with the rigging of it, which proved to be valuable experience in itself.

So, more to come on this, and I truly hope anxiety doesn’t get the better of me, and prevent my following through on this…


Major hangup….

ok… can I just rant for a minute?
Am I the only one who can’t stand the little strap-stays…or whatever they’re called??
You know, those special little thingies on both sides of the hangar, where you would secure a strap..
Can I just tell you that I wish I could get back the time I’ve spent untangling a shirt, whilst pulling it off the hangar???
Sometimes, I’d like a shirt to just sort of fall off the hangar, when I pull on it…
Is that too much to ask?