Mansfield Park

So, whilest Springy was at an evenin’ VCL service, I kept up the tradition of (after kidz are in bed) throwing in a flick &  popping the cap on a cold beverage of choice to pass the time. (Sam Adam’s Cherry Wheat this time around)

The selection this time?

Mansfield Park by Jane Austen.

A chick flick to be sure…but then again, I believe most if not all of her works would surely be placed into that category.

I thoroughly love all of them, so what does that make me?



A Romantic?

Who cares!

I love the stories.

They seem to have a richness not to be found easily among today’s offings.

You should really catch some of her works, if you havne’t already.

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  1. Sammy was actually pretty good.
    The cherry overtones are certainly ‘differnt’, but ina good way, I persaonny think.
    It gets a thumbs up!

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